Residential Space

Beautiful and clean appartements rent out much faster.

When renovating an appartement, the kitchen and the bathroom are the rooms that will have the best return on investment. More importantly, renovating your kitchen and bathroom will help you up the monthly rent you charge your tenants all while keeping them happy and increasing the value of your investment.

Your common areas are as important as each one of your apartments. Wow your clients as soon as they enter your building! First impressions don’t get a second chance so make sure your common areas speak for the rest of your space as they will greatly influence visitors overall opinion of your property. Those common spaces, such as lobbies, corridors, stairways and recreational areas can set the tone for the overall opinion of your property.

Over the years our team has carried out some 1500 apartment renovations allowing us to offer you a winning formula to complete your projects in a time effective and efficient manner at a fair price without sacrificing quality of execution.

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